What’s New with Tia Dani

2017 Chocolate Affaire, February 27th

Tia Dani has recovered from the 2017 Glendale, AZ’s, Chocolate Affaire. The world famous festival is a three-day event with lots of craft booths, jewelry booths (our favorite), and exquisite combination of ‘pure chocolate, chocolate-enhanced pastries, and every author’s favorite chocolate covered strawberries, seconded by delicious chocolate covered cheesecake, and we can’t forget the chocolate dipped bananas. Plus, you’ll find surprising delights to try like chocolate covered bacon, s’mores in a mason jar, and, we could go on and on. It’s a chocoholic’s dream.

Not only did we thrive on all the goodies available, but we sold our books at the annual romance writer’s booth, generously hosted by the city of Glendale and Cerreta’s Candy Company. ( www.cerreta.com )

On top of all that, Tia and Dani, along with Tina McCright ( http://booksbytina.com ), and Linda Andrews ( https://authorlindaandrews.com ), two other local authors, are owners of BOOKS AND BLING…a company which provided sales for all the authors attending the festival. Which meant the four of us worked all three days.

Talk about exhausting but exhilarating; the Chocolate Affaire is the place to be. We had one of the largest gathering of Romance Writers in the Southwest at the event. Lots of networking and writing tidbits were shared by all. AND…the Arizona weather cooperated all three days (and nights). Which was even a larger plus…in the past, we’ve suffered through bone-aching cold and heavy rain storms…YES, Arizona does get rain once in a while. Even so, Arizona authors are a hardy bunch…if it meant meeting their fans and selling a book or two


Multitasking, Summer 2016

As usual, we’re multitasking our lives on a daily basis. Forget remembering what day it is. We usually concentrate on what needs to be done next…besides writing.  Thank goodness there are two of us and can share the load. Those who write on their own, must be super–men–women–er–writers. Everyone of you have our admiration.

One thing we would love to do this summer is find a time and place where the two of us can go on a REAL writing retreat. Our next book, Call Down the Darkness, is in the wrapping up stage and will have to fly off to our publisher soon. ERGO…we need some solid, uninterrupted time to wrap it up ASAP. Hopefully in July. And, oh yes, our retreat HAS to be somewhere there is air conditioning or cooler weather. Top priority.

Of course, Dani will be shivering but Tia will tripping through the proverbial Tulips.

Have we ever mentioned that despite we are one in mind when it comes to writing, we are total opposites in other things? Have to admit though it keeps us interesting…even to ourselves.

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