The Prophecy, Vada Gambit Book 1

            Book One


Harmageddon threatens the prosperous and peaceful Vada Galaxy.

High-Princess, Solena Cartair, accepts she is the prophesized female ruler who will have to face Harmageddon threatening her people in Vada Galaxy. The Prophecy also demands she needs a husband strong and astute enough to help with the terrible troubles coming. However, the Prophecy says nothing about who she wishes to be her future Consort.

As an Off-World Guardsman, Erik Dane’s experiences and training makes him perfect to claim the High-Princess over all others. The rules? Capture and hold the High-Princess for the required amount of time. Little does he know Solena has her own plans who will help her rule the galaxy, even if she has to cheat, lie, and deceive if necessary.

But once Solena and Erik meet they realize neither will have what they desire until they accept the true test given to them. Trust and Sacrifice.

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